The company Recruiter`s Advice was founded in 2016 in Basel by two experienced recruiters, Natalya Izergina, PhD, and Stefan Bechold. We have an in depth knowledge of the Swiss job market and pharmaceutical industry, and our mission is to support specialists of all levels in their job search, application and interview processes.

A well-shaped and correctly targeted CV and good interview training will increase your chances to land that one dream job. With over 14 years of experience recruiting for pharmaceutical companies, we are able to help people from diverse backgrounds and levels to optimize their applications – we can quickly see how and where to help, and, above all, we are happy to share our insider knowledge on pharma recruitment processes!


What we offer:

  • CV tuning & rewriting to fit potential employer`s expectations
  • Motivation letter preparation
  • Improvement of self-presentation in social media to attract headhunters and HR professionals
  • Behavioral-based interview training
  • General career counseling to help candidates navigate the modern pharmaceutical industry
  • Workshops covering topics from personal branding to work-life balance, from career counseling for graduates to prevention of burn-outs.

Why use our services? Using our professional guidance gives you a big advantage over other candidates on the job market:

  • We can help you prepare a targeted message, show yourself in the best light, identify your personal brand and sell it to the employer!
  • We can tell you what a recruiter thinks while reading your CV.
  • We can connect you with people from our networks.
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